Our experienced personnels are dedicated to providing seamless valet experience from the moment you hand over the keys to when you step back into your car. We aim to ensure that the first impression we make is a positively memorable one for your guests.
Our personnels are trained to upkeep our high service standards and integrity; and ever ready to assist anyone in need. They are well-groomed as we are aware of the importance of maintaining a profesional presentation.


Enjoy a worry-free ride with our Singapore shuttle services. We provide chartered bus services to various places islandwide. Rest assured that your guests, customers, staffs, students, VIPs, etc; are commuting in a comfortable and safe transport. We cater to big and small groups going for trips.
We have a fleet of up-to-date buses and other vehicles to meet any of your transportation needs. Our drivers are trained to bring you to your destinations safely and hassle-free.


Where can you go with our personal driver? The answer is limitless! With our personal drivers you can be driven in the comfort of your own car by an experienced and professional driver who has a penchant for safety.
Frin Limo Services also provides personal drivers on a contract basis.


Providing smooth traffic for your busy events. Our marshalls serves directly in achieving the following objectives
Frin Traffic Marshall Services provides trained and qualified Traffic Marshal with high level of service to road users and to help traffic congestion at Critical Points in the road network.


Got your driver's license suspended? Or you’ve been thinking of being chaufferred around? Do not leave your beautiful car in the garage. Allow us to provide you with your driving needs with our drivers for hire.
Or your company simply needs a driver to chauffer your corporate guests around? Our drivers will provide just that, whilst ensuring that your company image is also maintained with their high level of professionalism and service standards.

Let us worry about your parking problems

Our experienced personnel are dedicated to provide seamless valet experience from start to finish. It is our goal to ensure that the first impression we make is a positively memorable one for your guests.

Let us know what you need

We provide full services for public and private entities. There is no event too big or too small for us. We are able to produce solutions for each client’s specific parking needs. As first and last impressions are crucial for us and your guests, it is extremely important that the impression we make is a positive one.